Modules Covered

  • 1  Website setup
  • 2   Building a website
  • 3   Keywords
  • 4   Analytics
  • 5  Onsite SEO
  • 6   Offsite SEO
  • 7   Marketing
  • 8  Email database
  • 9  Customer contact
  • 10  Customer feedback
  • 11  Online sales
  • 12  Customer training
  • 13  Staff
  • 14  Streamline business

Why you Need This

  • Easy to understand language
  • Interactive guide
  • Interactive budget planner
  • Step-by-Step guide
  • Forum help 24/7
  • Staff
  • Easy to use templates

Dear Business Owner,

I’m so proud and excited to present this guide for business owners needing help navigating all the tools, products and opportunities the online world offers. If you’ve already started your own research, you’ll be aware there is an abundance of useful as well as useless information out there and I think you’d agree the last thing we need is more confusing information!

The Formula shows you: What to use, why to use it, and where to find more information.

By far and away, the most valuable progress you can make in gaining information is through an experienced mentor, but even if you have access to one it’s rare they can offer you the time you need of them. The Ultimate Online Business Formula does not exist anywhere else in such a concise and easy-to-consume format. The truth is, it cuts out a multitude of tasks notorious for being overcharged by designers and coders, which is probably why this sort of thing is not readily available. Until now.

Who this Formula is for

» Anyone starting an online business

» Those taking their business online

» All size businesses

• From sole trader up to national and transnational brands

• Single product businesses up to full scale eRetailers

• Any industry

- From home services, accountants, eBay sellers, through to B2B services, even non-profit organisations. The Formula applies to ALL industries.

- Businesses at any stage of development, even if your website is already live

- Those wanting the ability to make small website changes themselves to avoid high ongoing charges

- Those wanting to automate their online business systems so they can focus on other things

- Business owners who want to get straight to the bottom line

Handy additions

» Glossary section explaining every single buzzword your developer has dropped to justify their high fees

» Usually 1-2 alternative tools I can confidently recommend

» Budget Planner to give you an invaluable forecast of your potential expenses

The Criteria

It pays to know the reasons behind the Formula’s recommendations so you can rest assured you don’t need to do your own research. Every product in the Formula:

1. Is the most user-friendly currently available

2. We’ve found to be problem free

3. Is either free, of minimal cost, or the best-value option available

4. Has the standard features required for most businesses.

Don’t waste time by reinventing the wheel when you can take a short cut and learn from others who’ve done it. These are tried and proven methods guaranteed to help you get you up and running online as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I wish you every success, as I know it can be a hard journey but also a great adventure!

Warm regards,


Question & Answers

Q. Why would I pay for this information when I can find it online for free?

A. Of course, the internet is a vast ocean of information and if you have a lot of spare time, you can do all your own research on how to start an online business. The fact is, all the feedback we’ve had from experienced entrepreneurs says that they only wish The Formula had been around to save them the time and money they poured into self-education. When you’re starting an online business, you don’t have time to waste – it’s a lengthy enough process as it is! Hit the ground running with The Ultimate Online Business Formula.

Q. How long will it take me to complete The Formula?

A. We expect the average business to take 3-4 weeks from start to launch. This of course can be a lot quicker if you have more time and motivation.

Q. How do I know The Formula is suitable for my needs?

A. The Formula has been developed so it is suitable any type of business in any industry.

Q. I have never built a website, is The Formula too advanced for me?

A. The Formula has NO GEEK SPEAK! Just plain English, and if something is still hard to understand you can ask any question you need to in the forum. Entrepreneurs who have tested The Formula say that the forum is worth its weight in gold!! Some people had paid $1000′s just to ask an expert questions.

Q. I’m a stay at home mum that wants to earn a couple of extra $$, is The Formula for me?

A. You are exactly the type of person who needs The Formula, it’s the little guys who don’t have the big budget who need to be sure they get the most value from everything they are doing to create an online business.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with the Ultimate Online Business Formula, email us for a full refund. Our promise to you is to provide an easy to understand and use online training experience. We want you to be 100% satisfied, and are so confident you are going to enjoy our online training, that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you can’t see value in our expertise. Our guarantee includes providing you with additional forum access where we will help you understand how to take your business online. If after receiving additional forum access you still don’t obtain the knowledge you are seeking, we will promptly refund the full cost of your package.


What The Formula Is Worth

The Formula – interactive mind map $2200

3 months forum access $90

Budget planner $400

“Write Great Content” template $550

4x Bonus strategies $800

4x Bonus template $400


The Interactive Course

  • Instant Digital Access To All Modules
  • Budget Planner
  • The Formula- An Easy To Follow Mind Map
  • Bounses Download
  • 3 Month Forum Access

Use Promo Code: 197

Standard Price:                               Special Price:

$297                                                $197

Purchase today with no risk


About The Author


My name is Caroline, I am compelled by a vision to help entrepreneurs & small to medium business owners develop a successful, easy to maintain website. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming.
The Formula shows you how to set up a website for the lowest price possible, without compromising on quality. Everything The Formula recommends is either free or a minimal cost. I have chosen everything based on ease of use and budget.
By following these steps, I guarantee that you will create a succesful website which will help attract an audience, build your customer list, and generate revenue.
I am determined to fulfill this vision with integrity and I will always be available in the forum to help with any questions you may have.
You don’t need to be a computer whiz, I designed The Formula to help people who want to focus on their business but also want to expland to a successful online business

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